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In a world where you can be any animal, a small group of animals decide to take a trip to the different Fire Mountains, on where it is said that you will get everything you desire.

The adventure starts here. 

You are going to embody Noah's life, an animal who lives in Forestland city. You are lost in a monotone daily life. Everyday is the same and this stressfull life is leading you to a profound sadness

However, everyone talks about a place that can change your life, a place where your dreams come true: the Fire Mountain.

Therefore, you decide to be brave, you take a small bag and start a journey to the Fire Mountains, encouraged by your desire to have a better life.


W A S D Controls

To move Noah in the game

Spacebar key

To make Noah jump

📝Lead Game / Level / Narrative Designer: 

Irene Marina Barbé

Twitter: @IreneMarinaB - Portfolio - monalpes@gmail.com


Sara Narváez

Linkedin - Porfolio

🏃🏻‍♀️3D Animation & Rigging: 

Nieves Ortega


🎨3D Art:

Verónica Quirell 


Artstation - Linkedin

Miriam Blanco

Artstation - Linkedin


Zoe Guerra Parra


María Moreno Cobos

Itchio - Twitter

🎛UI/UX Designer:

Sara Gimeno 

@sconsafos - Linkedin - Portfolio

🎨2D Artist: 

Eris Andaya


🎨Concept Art:

Ana Rocío Cordobés

Twitter: @arroozita - Portfolio

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